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30 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Irina 30 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I have a confession to make: I secretly judge people based on their choice of pizza toppings. Care to share yours and see if we're compatible?

Looking for:

Ideal relationships are when everyone in a couple is happy and satisfied. I want the same for me and my future partner. I want both of us to receive what we want in relationships and not wish for more. Handsome men admire the beautiful women, they adore the smart women, they fall in love with the good, but they marry willingly only for the strong! I'm looking for a strong man, strong morally, who will support me, who will never forget that his Ukrainian princess is waiting for him at home!

About me:

Lately my life was so busy with work. I work in travel agency and often going abroad to check out the hotels and make agreements. My passport has so many stamps that I am now able to live in any country. And now I feel I am ready to settle down somewhere for create a family and be happy. This is why I am here, I look for my soulmate, no matter where he is.