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28 years old Ukraine Poltava

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Evgeniya 28 years old Ukraine Poltava, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I could talk about intimacy...but if you don't mind..

Looking for:

I am looking for an intelligent man whom I can trust and who will stand by his word. Someone who is ready to commit to a solid and fun relationship based on trust, open communication and unconditional respect for each other! Someone who is able to take care of himself and his appearance and who can sweep me off my feet with his manners, various exciting courting experiences and of course everlasting laughter and excitement. An intelligent man with a good career and motivation to build a great life and to take care of our relationship emotionally and physically in order to make me feel like the leading lady in his life. A man who knows how to put a spark in my eyes and keep it alight, whilst leading me by the hand in the into the future. Someone who is not afraid of trying new things and sharing experiences together.

About me:

I am not only appealing to the eye as my appearance is striking and pleasing but also I am exceptionally fun and intelligent. I enjoy being active, I like spending time exploring the great outdoors but I also enjoy cooking up a storm in my kitchen on a cold winters day and watching my close friends and family tasting my food and even asking for recipes afterwards. I do have a couple of fool dishes that are simply finger licking good. I have an outgoing personality, the wickedest of humors and a larger than life thirst to find that happiness that I am looking for here. I like to take care of my appearance and you can easily spot that in my bright green piercing eyes, which are oozing confidence and sassiness.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I enjoy being active and one of my life’s passions is jogging. I meditate and practice yoga every day as well. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places. I also enjoy spending time in cultural places such as museums, art galleries and theatre’s. I also greatly enjoy fashion and various music genres..
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