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25 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Anastasiya 25 years old Ukraine Kiev, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I'm looking for the perfect partner for me. I'm a very feminine girl, and I really need a good person to rely on every day. I became an adult very early, and I know what real life is, and I feel ready for an eternal and pleasant connection with my man. I'm looking for a good and good relationship with my man. I'm a simple and kind hateful girl, so I'm sure that we need to enjoy simple things and find happiness every day. I lack the sweetness of love and the feeling that the person you love will never leave you. I like romantic things and walks with my man, holding hands and enjoying a nice kiss. I like to cook at home, so I would gladly cook something delicious and go on a picnic with my lover. I like being with a foreigner, because I feel that his mentality is closer to mine, and I like when a man treats a woman with kindness and respect. In my ideal relationship with a good foreign man, we would be as one union.

About me:

I'm already ready for a serious relationship. I'm an intelligent girl with a good mind and a kind funny person. I appreciate the good traits of people, such as a positive outlook on life, respect and kindness, loyalty and dedication. I like the idea of ​​a serious relationship and marriage. I would look forward to a romantic date with my man, and I'm also ready to move in with him and come to him to spend life together. My family would also be happy if our partner found himself - I live alone right now, but my parents and I should have seen each other from time to time. I am a very independent woman, and despite my age, I work to develop my career, and I would like to develop in all areas that interest me. But the main thing for me now and always will be my future relationship, and I'm ready to get used to my new life, and I will be completely happy to be the best partner for my man. I like nature, go to new places, and I like to have long walks and horseback riding.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I am a very educated, educated and cool girl. I know that I'm a young girl here, but I think that a young man has his charm, and a man who loves a girl like me. You will definitely be happy with me. I am a well-developed personality, and I think that a woman should not only be smart, wise and affectionate, but also beautiful, healthy and charming, so sports and dances are a part of my life - I dance professionally and now I'm working on the technique of Latin American dances. I also do fitness, stretching, yoga and aerobics. I like to go to the gym, and also I like teikvando. Studying psychology is my profession and hobby. I like to study the psychology of people and children, I think it will help me find ways to make my man happy and better understand him. I work in the field of modeling, because I work as a model of walking at a fashion show, and now I have many photo sessions. I understand a lot about fashion, style, design. I like creativity, when I draw, create, do things with my own hand. I can do anything.


Choreographer, Model