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37 years old Ukraine Sumy

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Marina 37 years old Ukraine Sumy, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I think he will not hit or offend me for sure?? and at all I want my man to be always real man with me!! just with me! but of course if he needs to cry one day - I will give him my shoulder)))) is it good description?)

About me:

We need to meet! I mean that we need to meet, because without it - you will not understand my real character, but I will be all possible to explain myself using letters and chat!! I am family oriented person) I have relatives all around the world, so I will accept traditions and culture of the foreign country without problems - I mean accept it when i move to my man abroad. or you want to move to Ukraine to live with me??)))) My main interest is my daughter! she was born in 2003 - so you understand that she is rather adult already) i did everything for her - good education, she knows English better than me!!!!) Soon she will go to study to USA or Greece - I have close relatives there - so i think in a year I will be alone((((( and see her only once in 6 month) I just know that some men never date to ladies who have kids already - sooo soon i will be like I have no daughter( it is sad, but i will be able to give all my time to my man! second my interest is my little business - I buy abroad olive oils and sell it to restaurants and to groceries in Ukraine. it is rather good business and i am good with it. BUT i am not career oriented business woman! no no!! or it doesnt matter for you?

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

always honest from the very beggining of communication

My goals for the future:

to create quality relations

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You should message me if:

you are totally sure that you need Ukrainian wife! are you sure?


Business Owner