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44 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Lyudmila 44 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I am not a little girl and of course, i need someone who will be my support. I dont think that i need a person in whom i am not sure and i just can't rely on him. Who will come home in bad mood and express all this on me, instead of being able to talk with me and discuss his problems. He needs to be sincere and honest, even if the truth is too hard!!! I believe that mature people can work even with the most bad things if they stay sincere, do you agree with me? Of course, i would like him to have amazing sense of humor and know a lot of jokes so that we can be funny sometimes and cheer each other in sad days. He needs to be communicative and very educated, because i would like to talk on different topics with him and express my opinion. I will respect his view like he will respect mine. Just like best friends who are open in secrets and their thoughts! I know that its possible and i know that i can find such man here!

About me:

Let me introduce myself to you and in this way we can start great communication for both of us, do you agree with me? I am mature and reliable person who has strong desires and dreams in this life and i got used to work very hard in making my aims closer. I am not the one who gives up because i know that for being happy, you need to put some efforts and i am doing this. Otherwise, i would not come on this website if i really didnt want to meet a man who will become my partner. Except being a hard working and reliable woman, i am also very feminine because i want to be interesting for my man both from inside and outside. I am fond of different hobbies from going to the art galleries to trying sport activities. In general, i would like to say that sport plays big role in my life and i love to be in fit and look great. I am very communicative person and it helps me on my job. Meeting new people and finding common language with my clients is important for me and i am trying to do my best in this. I am not the woman who thinks that miracles happen but i am the woman who is making every day of my life like a miracle and i would like to show it to you, ready?

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I am the woman, who thinks that this life is full of such beautiful and interesting things and its hard to choose certain hobbies. That's why, i prefer to try everything new, because experience is a great opportunity to learn about this world, do you agree with me? Among all things, i prefer going to the gym and keeping myself in nice shape, i can do it alone or with my friends, because playing volleyball on the beach is always big fun:-) i dream about travelling more and seeing many countries and the rest on the sea is my favorite one because i love swimming very much, it gives me such great emotions and big pleasure. I also enjoy art and music and i am not against to visit the concerts of my favorite singers especially with someone who shares the same preferences like me. Cooking is also my passion and i would like to surprise my man with my meals, are you excited? I have many secrets to share with you, excited? Lets start:-)