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53 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Nataliya 53 years old Ukraine Kiev, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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My ideal is a man with a beautiful smile. No wonder they say a smile - opens all the doors. And your smile will open the door to my heart and not only. I like a man for his actions, not for his looks. Yes, I am the type of woman who falls in love with actions and character. If a man is responsible for his words, I am ready to do everything for this man, be everything for him and go with him to the ends of the world.

About me:

It is difficult to describe myself because I was always different in my various stages of life with different life goals and priorities. But now I understand that I can be alone, but a nice man would perfectly complement me, and I would make her life much brighter and more beautiful. I really want to continue to grow up and develop, but only next to my beloved man. I really want us to help each other and support each other. And I'm not at all afraid of old age, I want us to retire together in a cozy house, drink tea and watch TV shows. I also really love being active in nature, walking with pets, or just walking in the park holding hands.


Stylist, designer, make-up artist