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26 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Tamara 26 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I look for man who would love me for the personality i have! Someone who really want simple happines, family life. Ofcourse i could write here the list of qualities i dream to see in my man, but eventually any lists would be needed when you find person who's touch makes you smile and who's presence next to you makes you feel special. Isnt that what YOU are looking for?

About me:

I am student, and came to Ukraine from different country, but this country and this city, Kiev, became a real home for me now!! I do not know whats gonna happen in a year or two years, i might move somewhere else! But for now I am here and enjoy it! As you see i am not afraid of changes in life, also i am very good in English. I can actually tell its almost my native language and thats why I would not have troubles to move anywhere around the world! Living in Ukraine i have learned alot from local ladies and i guess i understand why Ukrainian brides are so popular around the world! But you know what, I think living among them is very good experience which I am really apriciate!

My goals for the future:

I want to finish my education and become a doctor finally! I was going to this goal all my life and very soon i will reach it) Next thing i want very much - to become a wife!


I am a student for now, study at Medical University. Actually that's why i have moved to Ukraine and have no regreats for now! Do not know what the future prepears for me, but i am ready for whatever will be given!!