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42 years old Ukraine Kherson

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Elena 42 years old Ukraine Kherson, European bride profile, step2love.com

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thanks for looking at my profile and if youre here lets get aquinted, shall we? you know its no good to praise myself but people say that my name suits me the best, it means "shining" and "light". do you kow what name it is? so when looking at myself in a mirror i see a brunette with greenish eyes and long straight hair, if you look deep into my eyes you wll be able to see many expresisons there, one of them is the mystery you can open and see what i am like.if you want to hear the details about me, well.i like to spoil myself with the chocolate, i like to sleep late at times, i like shooting gun and i enjoy bikeriding, i like juicy peaches and spoil my man with different exciting things in our intimate life. there is much more to do and to talk with me and i hope i will be the one to catch your eye while you are here.

About me:

world in a little cup of hot coffee early in the morning when its cold outside but youre surrounded with warmth and care of your beloved man.i hope you got wat i ment? that goes from my heart! this is what is in my soul. be the one i can give all that back, the best.