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22 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Vitalina 22 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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The expression "ideal man", as well as "ideal man" sounds a bit naive to me. A normal living person can hardly be perfect. But nevertheless, each of us expects something definite from his companion. First of all, in a man I appreciate the ability to love. In my opinion, this is the most important and fundamental quality from which all fundamental things grow. A loving person is a priori beautiful. In my opinion, a very important quality in a man is the ability to take responsibility for his family, for his woman, for his children. For me, a man is the foundation on which the family rests. A strong sex is not just a designation of physical superiority, it is also moral strength, strength of mind. For me, an important quality in a man is the mind. The ideal man should be smart and constantly evolving. At the same time, it is important for me that a man be able to admit that he does not know something or is wrong about something, only in this way can one constantly develop and learn something new. Honesty. Another moment, without which there will be no relationship and family. A man should be able to be honest with himself and with the people around him. Be able to admit your mistakes and be able to correct them. An integral part for me is a sense of humor. This is the quality of a beautiful man. Such a man can easily distract his half from everyday experiences and smooth out the tense atmosphere.⠀ Attractiveness. These are charisma, sociability, neatness, good manners and other qualities. Such men contribute to the self-development of women. ⠀ Of course, such a quality as self-sufficiency. A man should not depend on anyone - or anything, both morally and materially. A man should have a goal. I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles. This is how a man should be for me. And of course, a separate item on this list will always be tenderness for me, and attention. His respect for me, his infinite kindness and warmth, which I want to feel throughout my life together.

About me:

I can be different, depending on what awakens in me. I can put on a beautiful satin dress, put on a beautiful heel, sit in a restaurant with a glass of red semi-sweet wine, and I can also go fishing in a tracksuit. Sociable, friendly and cheerful, I always strive to develop and learn something new. My small but serious dream is to open my own coffee shop with a library inside. Because I love cappuccino and books. Several days a week I come to work at my godmother's coffee house, because I like not only to drink, but also to make coffee for other people. I think that delicious coffee in the morning - and you are doomed to win this day! Also, I bake cakes, but this is more of my hobby in my free time, because I really like sweet things. And no, kilograms on the scales are not added) everything is simple, I am a witch, I eat sweets and do not get fat. Just kidding, I actually bake healthy cakes, sweet but without sugar, for example, the last and my favorite cake is the Basque cheesecake. I love to travel, my favorite country for vacation is Spain. Why? It's simple, I love the sea, the beach and the sun. And a nice tan too! I am sincere and open. She is ready to support her man in all the ups and downs. I am not an ideal in the entire universe, but if you look at whose universe. It's easy with me, for this you just need to be around. Someone will consider me crazy, but who in this world is normal? All you have to do is give me time and I will turn the Earth upside down.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I like to make coffee, draw and bake sweets


hr-manager in an advertising company and barista in a coffee shop