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30 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Anastasiya 30 years old Ukraine Odessa, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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Oh, what a tricky question :) If serious, I am not looking for Ken, as I am not Barbie ))) I know my advantages and disadvantages, and I hide nothing. My search is concentrated on a person who is ready to be open and honest with me. The one who is not afraid to show me the way he is. Someone who is genuine, trustworthy and sincere. To fall truly in love and to start a strong and loving family we need to be pure honest from the very beginning in order to have no regrets after.

About me:

Being realist, I know which good and bad traits I have. To my mind, it is better to present yourself the way you are from the very beginning, as pretending can be hurtful with time. So you will see me real from the very beginning :) I hope it is ok for you. By my nature, I am sympathetic and reliable, love helping people who really need it. I think if we were kind and helped each other, at least a little , then the world would become better. I never get angry, this feeling is not familiar for me. I try to understand the reasons, why this or that situation has happened and find the way out. Being angry, you can not think clearly… So this feeling does not exist in my life. I am like a small kitten, love hugging, cuddling and being cherished :) This is so nice, when someone wants to hold you all the time, isn’t it? Viewing all the things I have mentioned above, I am also thoughtful, decisive and purposeful. I know that to follow your dreams, you have to lift up your … ( you know what , Lol) from chair and do something. It will not fall from the sky, right?