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48 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

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Ekaterina 48 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I would like giving a smile to my beloved every day and make him happy. It seems this is more important that to say that i would like to be happy and that is why I am here. There is no place for boredom in this life. I am waiting for you here to collect funny stories of our lives and put them in one long happy story.

About me:

I think that I am a lovely lady with an amazing smile. Smile is a symbol of my face. I have great sense of humor and it helps to live happy life. I am always honest about my feelings. We could meet in live chat dating and talk about everything. I am trying not to judge others, think that each person can have a place for mistake in his life. I am just a simple ukrainian woman, I went to dating agency in search of relationship. I have a daughter and always called her small girl but realize that she is already a young lady. I am easy going and prefer an active style of life. So joy is my lifestyle!


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