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28 years old Ukraine Boryspil'

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Luiza 28 years old Ukraine Boryspil', European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I want to hear all your secret desires

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Now I dream to see beside me a strong and beloved man. My dream is to feel the incredible sweet love! My dream is to create a strong family. Stop dreaming! I just want to devote all my, my true happiness - this is love, children, family! Do you dream about the same? You want to see me near you? You want to go on with their lives together? Please! Write me! Let's meet and create their own story of unearthly happiness! I'm waiting for you... :!:

About me:

Welcome to my page! Since childhood, I dreamed of being an actress, singer, star of the TV screen) A ha ha! Oh, these children's dreams) Now I am a sculptor and photographer. Now I dream to create beautiful and deep images. I often take part in various social photo-project. In my profile you can find photos and video, which shows how I create my vivid dream! I'm an open person, very friendly and cheerful) My credo - all that does not kill us makes us stronger) I never look back, just go ahead! :P :!: :idea:

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I like everything related to art. I love to make decorative things, studied sculpture, paint pictures, graphics fond. I like to cook. Always nice to pamper loved some delicious dishes. I love to play the piano, I know a lot of works. Recently, I go on vocals, to cultivate all creative and beautiful. In my free time I prefer to read interesting books.