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28 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Marina 28 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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My ideal is a self-confident, humorous, with the life experience of men. The man, who has a goal in life, have interests and hobbies. That is the nature of the steel and a good heart. But most importantly, my man should love me. Our relationship must be mutual, without any benefit, without lying and cheating. And what should be the perfect girl for you?

About me:

Beautiful, intelligent, athletic, inquisitive, you know who it is? Yes, it is me. I am energetic and positive person. In my view, in order to live a happy and bright, we constantly have to move! I get pleasure when in my life is something new, when I'm learning to do some new business. In life, I always reach my purposes. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult, but I never omit hands, because any situation you can find out, is not it? I love to hold gatherings in a cozy and quiet place in the company of like-minded people. I'm pretty strong in character, but looking for a guy who is stronger than me. I want myself feel small and fragile girl.

My goals for the future:

in order to live a happy and bright, we constantly have to move!

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I am student