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32 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Maria 32 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I am looking for a man to build a family with. A man, next to who I can truly be myself. Coz only when I feel comfortable with a man, I can fully open up. And you will see how bright and colorful my soul is. That is why I will choose a man who knows how to make me feel this way. A man who knows how to take care of a woman. I am a giver, when I love – you know it and feel it with every cell of your body! The main point in relationship for me is the ability to communicate with an open heart and full honesty no matter what. I am very loving so be ready that I will touch, hug and kiss you a lot)

About me:

When it comes to tell you about myself, I have no idea where to start…so many things I could tell you. Will try to share the most important ones so please relax on your favorite sofa and turn on your imagination! My name is Maria and the character that I have right now is something that I have been working on and will be working on to improve myself. I am very energetic but at the same time I am sensual and open, honest. I am very real and live…let’s say when you talk to me face to face my face features tell you everything about what I feel or try to express… I have very positive thinking, very friendly and thankful. Oh defiantly very curious. This curiosity helped me to get so many different experiences in life. I used to live in China for 7 years and traveled almost all Asia. Japan is still not on that list but hey, I am going there one day that is for sure) Love to visit different classes and try myself in different fields. Well educated, with good manners and excellent taste. I have a good sense of humor and adventurism, a little of intrigue and coquetry. I love to take care of myself and I do it with pleasure. Love to wear good clothes and smell like expensive parfum. But when I am home, I like to wear comfortable clothes and just relaaaaaax. Put my hair up, turn on the movie and enjoy my time with delicious ice-cream)). I like to spend time at home and time to time I go out to see my friends. This is just the beginning… I could write the whole book but let’s leave it at this point and with time you will see how my character will open up even with brighter colors and on a deeper level.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Traveling. Speaking English and reading books in original language. Love yoga and meditations. Since August last year I am vegetarian so I cook healthy delicious food and experiment with spices while cooking. Love Indian food so I cook it pretty often. Especially Indian deserts. Also, like singing and dancing but mostly at home when no one can see ahahah. Well mostly it is because I do fool around sometimes) I told you that I am very curious you remember right? I like gemology, good movies, Lego, Ayurveda, herbs, clay crafting, interior, medicine (used to work in a clinic of reproductive health). If I travel somewhere next to the ocean then I will surf. This is a great feeling when you catch the wave and feel the speed of the water and the warm wind caress the. Unforgettable. My main hobby is to enjoy life. I love life and any opportunity it provides for me I will take it.


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