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43 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Viktoriya 43 years old Ukraine Odessa, European bride profile, step2love.com

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As a reasonable woman, I understand that my character is not the best one in the world. So, if you are naughty it is not a problem. We will be naughty together. :) What I really want from my man is to be serious and to dream about having a nice family. If both of us want the same things, then it can happen very soon. Right? Also one more thing which is very important for me is that you should be romantic. I have always dreamt about romantic dinners and breakfasts, walking by the sea, watching sunsets and kissing. I really want these to be in our relationships all the time.

About me:

There is nothing more interesting for me than to spend time with relatives and beloved ones. Each minute with the people you love should be valued and appreciated. To be healthy and fit is very important for me, but usual trainings and exercises are not for me. Figure skating is a thing which brings me a lot of pleasure. First of all, it is very beautiful and exciting and secondly it makes all the muscles work. I really like it. If I have a good mood and some free time I devote it to dancing. It helps me to relax. And it does not matter what music plays, it comes from the depth of my soul. :) In the evening I like watching movies, reading books or if the weather is fine I go for a stroll with a great pleasure.