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28 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye

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Anastasiya 28 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I want to live the way I dream, not the way others want.

Looking for:

Loneliness is the worst thing in our modern world. A lot of people suffer from it but not all of them find the way out. I hope that this place will become such a way for me! When people meet each other for the first time they want to know as much as they can about each other. They try to ask a lot of questions about hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. But this is so important to know what qualities are you looking for in your partner. So my ideal man... when I was a small girl I wanted to marry my father) because I saw how he loved my mother. Now I am a woman and I realize that the family which my parents have now is an ideal for me. They love each other and they can not imagine their life without each other. I want my man to know that I will love him forever too and I hope to get the same in return!)

About me:

I can say that I am a flower! and I like flowers want to get sunshine, I want to get your love and care! I feel insincere people and this hurts me a lot, so I am for true relations and for pure love! I am ready for this and for a lot of other things! I am ready to change your life to the better, to make you smiling and happy, and I am also ready to take care about you and about our family and kinds! I am looking for that only chance to love and to be loved! This is why I am honest with you. I am honest while saying that I am a true lady who needs a true care! and I hope that you will be glad to know me more and better, to know my inner world and soul and to know that kid whom everyone has in his heart!

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

optimism, loyalty, honesty

My goals for the future:

to built loving strong relationships with man who will love me)

My travel destinations (past or future):

I'd like to see all the Europe

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

Jane Austin Pride and Prejudice

My favorite food:

pasta, but I cook borshtch the best;)

Pets in my life:

dog Chudo (wonder in Englsih)

My hobbies and what I'm good at:


Talking about sports:

yoga, swimming

You should message me if:

you want to meet cheerful loving lady ) and of course, if you like me!


asistant in real estate agency