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31 years old Ukraine Boryspil'

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Tatyana 31 years old Ukraine Boryspil', European bride profile, step2love.com

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I am looking for a stunning husband whom you can be! Are you passionate, energetic and easy going like I am? Are you ready for a life story where we are the main characters? I am sure we can make our lifes a way more brighter! Do you have a serious intentions for that?

About me:

I read a lot of love stories about princesses who have found their love for a lifetime. Modern rhythm of life forced us to be disappointed from fairytales. Despite that fact I still believe it is real to find your love! I am very sunny girl. I want to be your sunny-bunny whom you can hug tenderly. I will surely make your life much brighter! My energy, love and care would become your miracles. And that will definitely inspire you when we meet at first time! Just like in the fairytales. Do you want to believe in love stories again? With you we can write our own story and live happily together ever after.


Science / Tech / Engineering