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22 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Lina 22 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I'm looking for an adult who already knows what he wants from life. He has life goals. And in the first place he will have a family! I am an inexperienced girl, and I want my man to open for me a new world and show me what love is! I shared my life-giving experience with me and became not only my partner, but also my best friend! Emotional connection is very important for me too.

About me:

my parents decided that I was old enough to live independently, and they kicked me out of the house. Without work and a place to live, I had to somehow survive. Thats why I tried to live in a monastery. I lived far from the city in a small village with other women. There were no men here. I decided to live here to survive, but I still want to have a family, I do not want to live here forever. Recently, I decided to quit and move to my sister. But I understand that this is not for long ... And I need to figure out what to do next. That's why I decided to find love online while I'm here.


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